at The University of Chicago

Francis Alys

Bolero (Shoe Shine Blues) and Politics of Rehearsal
September 28 – December 14, 2008

Francis Al?s - Bolero (Shoe Shine Blues)
Francis Al?s
Bolero (Shoe Shine Blues), 1996
Graphite, tape, and collage on vellum. 1 of 384 framed drawings, installed with DVD animation, 9:40 min., maquette, wooden table, and string
Dimensions variable
Courtesy of artist and David Zwirner, New York
Mexico City-based artist Francis Al?s will present his animation Bolero, along with the 511 graphite drawings made during the animation process, and Politics of Rehearsal, a 30-minute video that combines footage of a speech by President Truman, narration by critic Cuauht?moc Medina, and a rehearsal for a striptease. Rehearsal parallels sociopolitical promises made to Latin America by the United States with the tactics of a stripper?always leaving something to be desired. 


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