at The University of Chicago

Niele Toroni

September 23 – November 04, 1990

Niele Toroni - Installation View,<br>The Renaissance Society
Niele Toroni
Installation View,
The Renaissance Society, 1990
Since the 1960s, Niele Toroni has committed himself to investigating how his particular concept of painting--imprints of a paint-laden #50 brush made repeatedly at perpendicular 30 centimeter intervals--subtly evidences human touch in the same moment that it obliterates the brushstroke as emotive or psychological record. This physical and conceptual dichotomy creates many thoughtful contradictions within his work: the material existence of applied paint with its lack of status as a material object; the systematic sameness of his application with the uniqueness of each imprint; and the manner in which the architectural details and boundaries of a given space serve to both limit and support his work.


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