at The University of Chicago

Yutaka Sone

Forecast: Snow
January 29 – April 09, 2006

Yutaka Sone - (large) marble snowflake
Yutaka Sone
(large) marble snowflake, 2005
21 1/2" x 31 1/2" x 31 1/2"
This multimedia installation will present the definitive collection of a group of works Sone (Japan, living in U.S.) has been developing in recent years in which he envisions snowflake patterns as blueprints for architectural spaces and psychological states, and transforms their crystallized forms into fields and structures. His work on this project began with a small number of drawings, sculptural studies, photographs, and paintings. The photographs--currently in development--include detailed images of individual snowflakes in mountain landscapes. The drawings and paintings feature monochromatic or two-toned images of individual snowflakes, sometimes transformed into architectural shapes, sometimes simplified to emphasize their elegant design. Glass, wood, and marble sculptures that expand the architectural elements of the drawings, a video, and a performance by Sone's band Snowflake are also planned. Once the artworks are installed, Sone plans to place up to 200 pine trees in the gallery, creating a real forest in the gallery.


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